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Nora's plane



This aircraft was purchased new in 1978 in by a senior executive with Texaco and maintained by a New York Cessna dealer until 2005.  He owned it until approximately January, 2006 when it's second owner took it to Harrisburg, PA. That second owner bought an interest in a Cirrus, and I was able to acquire "Juliet" and fly her to Dallas.  Wow, is Juliet a nice airplane!  Here's the story of her trip from Pennsylvania to Texas: I flew commercially (for the last time, she hopes!) to Harrisburg PA on Thursday, January 10, 2008.  On Friday, I hired an instructor named Keith to fly back to Texas as my safety trainer.  I had planned to leave Harrisburg early, but we were delayed for about 3 hours because of January icing hazard.  We finally took off from Harrisburg, only to encounter headwinds of 40-50 knots all the way to Charleston WV - took us 3 hours to get there.  Clouds all the way, so nothing to see.  Let me tell you autopilot is great - you just push the button and relax.  Next stop was Charleston, where we fueled up and headed to Jackson TN for an overnight stay.  Watched the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen as we approached Jackson and landed at night.  Needless to say, I was exhausted and slept very well.  Got up early on Saturday morning to find the plane covered in a thick frost, so took us about 30 minutes to clean the plane and take off.  Clear skies for the first time (and the only time the entire trip) as we headed to Hot Springs AR.  Landed in Hot Springs, fueled again and headed for Texas.  A little bit of turbulence from Paris (Texas) to McKinney TX, but not bad.  Cloudy almost the entire way to McKinney.  Did a couple of landings at McKinney just for fun, then on to Dallas and home.   We have since made many enjoyable flights to Colorado, New Mexico, Grand Canyon, and all over Texas.  Pardon me for running now, I have to go to the airport!


DON DONNELLY- Valet to Senior Pilot