Dear Don & Nora Donnelly,I cannot tell you how very easy your FileSolutions has made my personal filing enjoyable - well almost enjoyable! Im actually organized, can locate items easily, and am saving time.Now I would like to work on our business files and was wondering if you all have published a file system for business. I realize I can adapt the personal labels, but just thought I would inquire.Our business is in agriculture, land, cattle & truck farming. I realize maybe a general business filing system might not be possible - Do you all have any suggestions or guidelines? Ive considered going out & buying hot pink labels and making up categories, since I learned so much from my personal FileSolutions kit.Again, THANK YOU! THANK YOU!Sincerely organized,Carol xxxxxxx

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From: Laura
To: filesolutions

I have your home system and it is wonderful! I was able to organize papers that I have carried for 15+ years, afraid to toss any of it, but unable to find any one piece of paper when I needed it. It took just over three days, working a little at a time.

The proof of how great this system is: I had to find the warranty for a battery I purchased over 7 years ago. I found it in less than 15 seconds because I knew where it was!

Thank you.
Laura xxxxxx
Department of Classics
University of California

Sharon writes: "Dear Don & Nora, For years I looked for a system that could help organize all the paper that clutters our home. I will be forever grateful for discovering FileSolutions.  I just wanted to say thanks.

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Tricia writes:

I ordered the FileSolutions Home System and have practically everything at my fingertips.  I walk around the house challenging my husband, "Ask me. Go ahead. Ask where anything is."

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