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Home Filing System TM

$34.95 (includes FREE shipping

for a limited time - read our return policy).

You'll build 100-files for PERSONAL, FINANCIAL, TAXES/INSURANCE & LIFESTYLE items.

Our Home Filing SystemTM

is also available at

The Container Store.

Visit a store near you to see our display and make a purchase.

Not convenient?  Order directly from us and we'll ship one to you now.

Our Home Filing System TM is designed to help you achieve your goal of organizing all you papers - today!  Material includes Guidebook, sets of pre-printed labels and a cross-referencing FileIndex.

   You Will Also Need:

  • 1/3-cut file folders (letter -or- legal size)
  • 1/3-cut (3-1/2") vinyl tabs & hanging files
  • ​File cabinet or other container for your files.
      Material includes:
  • Guidebook full of tips & hints to help you choose what files you need.
  • Pre-printed labels - They're Fabulous!
  • FileIndex helps you (or family members) find things when you need them.

Optional "Colored" Hanging files

Business green hanging files are fine, but if you want your files to explode with color - purchase hanging files in the four vibrant colors matching our labels (do NOT purchase colored file folders - it's too much).

Red, Green, Blue & Purple hanging files sold in boxes of 25 of each color - are enough for the entire Home Filing System. Ask for them at your local office supply store. Manufacturers include Smead; Pendaflex; & SP Richards.